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Sire: Tjitse V/D Maria Hoeve x Jildert Date of Birth: 10.4.2004 Bbl Vb Height: TBC Norton was born on 10th April 2004.  He is bijboek 1 stallion.  Norton is the first stallion  that we reared. He is riding at the moment and we hope to introduce him to driving very soon.

Sire: Monte 378 x Teunis 332 Date of Birth: 16.6.2004 Vb Ster Height: TBC Nammele was bought in from Holland as a yearling colt in 2005.  He became VB Ster in 2009 at the grading in Northern Ireland.  Nammele is riding at the moment and we also use him for breeding. The off springs that […]

Sire: Jasper 366 x Olof 315 Date of Birth: 6.6.2007 Vb H Height: TBC Zoro was born on 06th June 2007 and he gained 1st Premie in 2007 at the grading in Dublin. We hope to take Zoro to the grading in 2012 to see if he can become a Ster Stallion.