How to become a FHAGBI Member

Membership of FHAGBI

Full membership of the Friesian Horse Association of Great Britain and Ireland (FHAGBI) is only open to those owning a Friesian Horse registered by Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek (KFPS). If you own a Friesian that is not currently registered with the KFPS you may still be eligable for full membership and further advise can be given by emailing the details of your horse to Jane Slevin (

‘Friend’ subscription is open to anyone expressing an interest in the breed and wanting to find out a little more before making a purchase.

Only Full Members may vote at an Annual General Meeting.

Full Members will receive, through FHAGBI, the services provided by the FPS such as the registration and grading of horses.

FHAGBI sees its role as a Members Association available to inform, help and guide members in as easy and friendly a way as possible.

There can be pitfalls in buying a Friesian horse and FHAGBI is here to ensure, wherever possible, that members do actually buy what they had intended. This is done by quarterly newsletters, specialised talks at social gatherings and personal contact with other members or more generally directly with the Secretary.

Having found their horse, Members still need help in the showing of their horse for grading and help is available in all aspects of this.

If you are considering buying a Friesian horse, please take your time and learn as much as possible. Quick, uninformed decisions are expensive and heartbreaking. Membership of FHAGBI will give you this information.

Click this link to download a sample of one of our members newsletters

2012 – Membership Membership forms forms

If you wish to register a Friesian in your name and wish to join FHAGBI, please contact Elaine de Boer, the Membership Secretary, at (